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What Will Be
Calmness of Trees
I'm at work. I am thinking about Hanna and what the weather will be like here at work on Sat./Sun. I will be outside in my vehicle during the storm. If it gets bad, I'll take shelter in one of the buildings and wait it out or at least wait 'till the end of my shift.

I will be starting school, soon. I'm looking forward to that. I was thinking about using the gym there. I have been walking every night for at least 15 minutes.

I eat out often, enough. Today, I brought my dinner with me (a sandwich and a fruit cup (peaches)).

I'm going to watch all the Harry Potter movies, again. The latest one will be out early next year.

I watched Transformers last night. I split it up over two nights. I can see how Steven Spielberg may have influenced the film. There are moments during Transformers that remind me of Spielberg's past films.

The scenes at Sam's house when they are looking for the glasses is one that reminds me of his knack for building up tension while the viewer is "in on," what is going on. It's one of the strongest scenes in the film.

I was thinking about watching Close Encounters next. That film still gives me goosebumps when I watch it. Especially, the scenes during the town's evacuation, when they gas the livestock and quarantine the area(s) nearest to the mountain (the landing site for the visitors).

It's dark, now. I will like it here when the fall foliage arrives.


It is August. The summer is almost gone! I need to get out more. I want to go on a cheap getaway for a day or two. I can't think of anywhere to go.

Oh, well. That's all for now.

Another work week starts..
I am at work. At least I have access to the internet while at work.

I have been going out to a bar almost every Tuesday and watching movies (they have a nice size tv screen). This week was "Fool's Gold," with sexy Matthew McConaughey and "No Reservations," with handsome Aaron Eckhart.

I didn't care too much for "Fool's Gold". The bartender loves Matthew McConaughey, so he played it twice (I didn't pay much attention the second time around).

"No Reservations," was very good. http://noreservationsmovie.warnerbros.com/

I went to the Brookhaven Aphitheatre to see Blondie and The New York Dolls plus The Goon Squad, Wednesday.

Well, I get there and having been there for less than five munutes, I hear an evacuation announcement, because of a severe thunderstorm warning.

The thunderstorm hit within minutes of the announcement. I waited in my car for nearly an hour until the storm passed and the decision was made to let us back into the Aphitheatre.

Blondie was the only band to go on that night. I think there are only three original members in the band. They were good. I was disappointed that they only played for an hour. At least they didn't cancel.

Favorite Blondie songs: In The Flesh (not performed), Heart Of Glass (performed), Fade Away And Radiate (performed), Atomic (not performed), Call Me (performed), Rapture (performed), The Tide Is High (performed) and Good Boys (not performed).

So far, so good...

Friday Night
I visited my mom, yesterday. We watched Hairspray. It's a good movie, they put a lot of effort into it and it payed off. I still like John Water's Hairspray a little bit more, though.

I've been looking for a job. I still have the part time DVD gig. The company was taken over by another company, the payroll changed (get paid every two weeks), yet not much else has changed.

Turkey Day is almost here! Yay.

Gobble, gobble. Another turkey in the pan, broiled to close perfection.

P.S. - I'll be eating chicken for Thanksgiving.

I worked Sat., it turned out well. I can make my own hours, that's a good thing.

I watched two DVDs with R & S. 28 Weeks Later is a sick movie, a very good horror flick. Evan Almighty wasn't good at all, except for the cute well trained animals.

I haven't been feeling too good lately. I stayed in today and rested. I'm eating well. I'm making salmon and brown rice with green beans tonight.


I got a grade of B for both classes! Yes! Woo-hoo!

Finals are coming up, soon. Last few days of class. I am thinking about taking summer classes.

Tonight, is a muggy night. I feel like putting the air conditioner on. I want to wait until it gets really hot. My electric bill is going to be high, especially if con edison gets its way.

Mother's Day is on Sunday (isn't it always on Sunday?). I will be with my mom and visiting my grandparents. I haven't seen them in a while.

I am waiting on a part(s) for the car. It may come next week. Hopefully, they will fix the problem.

Whoever reads this, I hope you are well.

Thunderstorm Tonight
It is raining tonight, pouring. I spoke with a friend of mine. It was good to hear from him.

I can hardly wait to see Spider-man 3. I have coupons to the movies, yet I can't get in to see the newest films. I have to wait 12 days from the opening date of a film. I can wait that long?!

I am taking my car in (back) to the shop on Thursday. That's it, it's this time or nada. The car is seven years old, it's acting older.

Okay. Another entry out the pan into the fire, back into the pan and sizzled to close perfection.

Yum. I feel like munchin' on somethin'.


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